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Sheng Jiang Company is a  manufacturer of porcelain products based in Jingdezhen city, the Chinese porcelain birthplace. Established in the year of 2006.We are able to meet different customization requirements, pay attention to detail and the small production runs that industrial factories can’t .  Our items are mainly with Asian influence. 95%  designs from Jingdezhen,  out of there 60%  revenue share are from international  trading  which already started around 10 years.International shipping (to 51 Countries ).  We focus on long –terms partnerships.

We are a professional exporter of table lamps,focus on the production of desk lamps,and we have our own factory.At present, our desk lamp category has: blue and white, powder enamel, colored glaze and so on.We can also customize your table lamp according to your needs.Welcome potential buyers to contact us!

2019 Porcelain Tablelamps

Click to download 2019 shengjiang porcelain  tablelamps brochure (PDF Version): 2019–jingdezhen-shengjiang- -ceramic-porcelain-tablelamp-brochure-2.pdf

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Here are the details of our table lamp,it is about the fittings of table lamp roughly, installation and packing and so on.

Table lamp Fittings


A lampshade is a cover placed on the outside of a lamp flame or bulb to collect light or weather. Lampshade is the action that cover gathers together to make light on the lamp not just, still can prevent electric shock, also have effect to protecting an eye.

There are different styles of lampshade,we produce lampshade material has cloth art, PVC, kraft paper and so on.The chimney of cloth face gives a person concise and elegant impression, the chimney of paper can build the atmosphere that gives hazy dream again, the chimney of metallic qualitative material has a kind of temperament of cold tone and contemporary feeling, and the chimney of drum form brings a person nostalgic feelings.


For the choice of lampshade material and shape,we have these Suggestions.

In the bedroom we can choose the lampshade of silk material, especially the lampshade that is sewn and drawn by hand, can bring softness to the room, add intimate atmosphere

cloth lampshade

cloth lampshade


The living room can choose linen or parchment material chimney.

linen lampshade

linen lampshade


When we’are choosing lampshade,we should according to the shape of lamp holder.If lamp holder is curve shape, so chimney is about to choose to take the style of some curves accordingly, lamp holder is flat straight line, choose more regular chimney, if lamp holder looks massiness, can choose conical chimney, reduce this thick feeling.

table lamp

We guarantee the quality of all lampshades.Of course, if you have your own style of lampshade, we can also be customized for you!

2)Bulb Holder

A lamp holder is an interface at the end of a light cord for the installation of a bulb.We provide standard bulb holder for E27, E26, E14 and so on.

bulk holder

bulb holder

bulb holder

power switch

3)Lamp holder

A lamp holder is a device used to fix the lamp position and connect the lamp contact with the power supply.

Our lamp base’s material have mental、crystal、wooden and so on.

black lamp baselamp base

lamp base

Classification of lamp holders

E starting lamp holder for the ordinary screw socket, is the most common use of a lamp holder (lamp holder), the number represents the size of the lamp holder, E27 is the incandescent lamp holder we usually use, E14 is smaller than E27, larger than E27 and E40. 85W CFLS usually have E27 and E40 caps, which are commonly called small head CFLS and large head CFLS.

GU starting lamp holder for our daily use of bayonet type, where G means the type of lamp holder is inserted, U means the part of the lamp holder is u-shaped, the number behind the lamp foot hole center distance (unit is mm “mm”), such as GU10.

MR starting lamp holder is a straight plug type local lighting spot lamp commonly used lamp holder, this spot lamp usually has two pins, easy to install. For example, the MR16, in the lighting industry, refers to a lamp with a multifaceted reflector with a maximum outside diameter of 2 inches. MRMR (MultifaceReflect) refers to multiple reflection (light cup), and the number behind indicates the light cup caliber (unit is 1/8 inch). For example, the MR16 caliber is 16×1/8=2 inches, about 50mm.

The AR starts with an aluminum cold reflective halogen spotlight.

The G12 is a single-ended tubular metal halide bulb.

lamp base



4)Power switch and Plug


Power switch

We offer a wide range of switch styles and materials.There are two different styles of shift switch and foot switch,and we use aluminum, copper, silica gel,plastic and other materials.



Our plugs meet international standards and are guaranteed to be safe. And there are styles from various countries, such as China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Sweden and other countries.




tail process





All our accessories are certified.


switch certificateswitch certificate

switch certificate

plug certificateplug certificateEngland plug certificate

plug certificate

electric wire certificateelectric wire certificateelectric wire certificate

electric wire certificate

Below  is certification of finished lamp products in July 2019

jingdezhen shengjiang porcelain table lamp certification  2019lamp certificationjingdezhen shengjiang company table lamp certification  2019table lamp certification

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