Porcelain that used to be a lamp holder: I later shot the price.

 period, the pastel bat peach olive bottle, once in the home of a former US Congressman, not only carelessly converted into a lamp holder lamp, and the belly is filled with the rear garden from the hyena. Digging the mud. I don’t know how many spring and autumn, when the family planned to put their grandfather and father in a batch of antique auctions in their hometown, the auction house experts discovered the dusty baby inadvertently. The original owner of this pastel bat peach olive bottle was once a member of the US Congress, and his family was prominent. His grandfather Wei was also a veteran of the Republican Party of the United States, but the old gentleman lacked appreciative power for the cultural relics and never knew it was expensive. Since Europeans and Americans like to use vases to convert them into lamp holders, this bottle has become a lamp holder and placed on the small coffee table in the corner of the big house. Fortunately, there is no hole in the bottom of the bottle. In order to avoid the top of the hollow vase, the family also dug some sand from the back garden and put it in the bottle. This bottle was finally won by Dr. Zhang Yongzhen at the Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong in May 2002, and finally donated to the Shanghai Museum, which also completed the final legend of this bottle.

Porcelain that used to be a lamp holder: I later shot the price.

Red peony jade pot spring bottle in bright glaze

Lamp holder three: jade pot spring bottle of 78.52 million Hong Kong dollars

Interestingly, another expensive bottle has also had the experience of doing a lamp holder. In May 2006, at the Christie’s auction in Hong Kong, a high-profile glazed peony jade pot spring bottle in the Ming Dynasty glaze set a world record for the Ming Dynasty porcelain auction price of 78.52 million Hong Kong dollars.This 32-centimeter-high porcelain bottle was produced in the Hongwu period in the early Ming Dynasty. The bottle was filled with four blooming peony, and the branches and leaves were intertwined. The entire porcelain bottle has a wide belly, a low center of gravity, a slender bottle neck and an elegant shape. The first to collect this porcelain bottle was a pair of Scottish couples. They thought it was just an ordinary Chinese porcelain bottle and used it as a lamp holder. It was not until I saw a similar porcelain in the museum that the couple realized that the “lamp seat” in their home might be a good one. They found the expert appraisal of the auction house and finally determined that the porcelain bottle was a rare red porcelain in the glaze.

Until now, the use of Chinese porcelain and bronze to be converted into table lamps in Europe and America is still a home fashion, and because this style is traditional, so looking for these old lamp holders at home and abroad may be unexpected. reward.




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